Saturday, November 23, 2013


My father lies on white satin
body stiff and silent
eyes eternally closed
lips forever rouged.

Before that...
    his body became more transparent
    with every passing week.
    His words often rambling
    making sense only to him
    only adding to his confusion.

Before that...
 His eyes, sparkling with mischief,
 threatening to trip when he walked me down the aisle.
 And I, not  totally sure that he would not
 had one more thing to wonder about that day.

And before that...
 He stood at his work bench
 creating a pair of wooden stilts for
 his children to play with ~ happy to hoist our bodies
 to travel high above the ground.

And before that...
  His fathers only son,
 body tall and thin,
 a horse trainer in his own right
 riding the Missouri hills on a handsome black pony
 Ever dreaming of his future
 ... possibly even, of me.

<<< This piece is dedicated to my dear brother-in-law whose own father recently made his transition to the next journey. >>>>

Thursday, November 21, 2013


My world is totally f***ing bi-polar right now.                                                                                       I am hanging on to the bell at the bottom of my pendulum, swinging wildly from one extreme to another, back and forth, back and forth, never still, never totally comfortable.
Sometimes I can throw my head back and enjoy the air rushing through, messing up my hair, and laugh at the absurdity of it all,
Other times I cling tightly to the cold metal, eye lids pinched tightly, hanging on for dear (?) life.
The trick, I am reminded, is to seek inner balance. To "not be jolted by such impermanence."
I have tricks. Skills ??
"Step outdoors,”  I remind myself,
“seek the ragged edges of my mountain landscape, 
breathe deeply the sweet essence of a horse.”
Her sweet bulk soothes my nerves.  
Her steady heartbeat quiets mine.     
The kindness in her eye restores my faith.
Ragged might be beautiful.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The paisley scarf is wrapped tight around her head; a beautiful mix of blues and purples, but it is the shape that fascinates me. It makes the back of her head look like a giant light bulb. I am still looking for a fleecy little cap with horses on it; that is exactly what she told me she wants and I intend to find one. Light weight and warm to protect her newly balding head.
Cancer leaves people looking like alien beings, recently arrived from some place out of this world. Well, it is not the cancer; I know that. It is the chemotherapy poison that they inject into her body every two weeks.

With one sentence her entire life changed, and through friendship, so did mine.  Cancer has made her wonder who she will be next week. Where will she be next year? It is my (our) job to remind her that she will still be the woman we love. We will gather and celebrate next year with renewed verve. She is scared that she has no choices. It is my job to remind her that every moment is a choice. She can keep those things which are dear to her ~ and examine and discard those that no longer serve her. The choice is always hers. And choices can be transmuted, rejected, or revised any time she chooses.
Fighting, Dancing, Having cancer has become a full time occupation.  Everything looks and feels different to her and to me. Getting ready, receiving instead of giving, planning a new way of eating, a new wardrobe to wear, a new time of day to visit the grocer when the crowds are gone, arranging drivers to and from appointments ... it feels endless.

Every “thing” is simultaneously precious and unimportant.  It is alien.
A new view of every day life ... a new …. anew  … Anew !!

Monday, October 28, 2013


It has now been 50 days since the rains began that changed the front range landscape of Boulder, Larimer, Jefferson and Weld counties of Colorado.  We survived the “flood of Biblical proportions.”  I have written about it many times, but produced nothing worthy of sharing but serving as a cathartic stress release.  For weeks I suffered from a low level anxiety; trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, and my stomach didn’t feel right.  In fact, I feel like I ate my way through the flood, snacking all day long as I huddled close to my radio listening to what was happening to my physical realm.

At one point I talked with my sister and she could totally relate to how I was feeling. Three years ago she was caught at home ~ alone with one dog, two cats, two horses, and a dozen chickens ~ during an ice storm that left her without electricity for 10 days.  She moved into survival mode, doing what she had to do to take care of everyone, securing water was difficult. She ended up getting sick from attempting to heat a portion of her home with a propane space heater. But everyone on her ten acres lived. The story had a satisfactory ending. For the rest of the winter she, and many of her friends in southern Missouri, had a panic attack every time a storm set up which could bring a layer of ice to their world.

We survive. Katrina, Sandy, massive tornadoes, rampaging forest fires, shifting, sliding, unable to stay the same ...

Slowly it passes.
Below is an excerpt from my friend, my astrologer, and my writing buddy, Jyoti Wind’s astrological newsletter. Her words moved me; she said it better than all of my ramblings and I asked her permission to share it with you here. 

Dear friends, The human and emotional toll of a natural disaster is deep and encompassing.It scars the landscape of one’s thinking so that one returns again and again to that abrasion.  A collective atmosphere of shock and stress grows into a thought form, an energetic, that permeates the area more than the mud and water, and takes a while to recede.  Relief aid, a listening ear, an offer to help are the balm that wipes clear the window onto the future. Possibilities then become visible.

We are in the process of shifting. It doesn’t have a clear demarcation line of when it started, but in the last one and a half years it has felt like there was an escalation. We have another one and a half years to go. And again, there won’t be a stopping line, and end. It may begin to feel that there is more of a flow instead of a push.

Meanwhile the push to change old patterns continues.  Looking at how you have changed over the past one and a half years might be an interesting undertaking. Blessings,Jyoti

For more information and to contact Jyoti Wind:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

3rd Annual Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Summit 2013

This event was held on September 20, 21, 22 in spite of the fact that Boulder County, including Lil Bit North Ranch - home of the Touched By a Horse program - had suffered through a flood of “Biblical proportions” just one week earlier.  Access roads into Boulder County were just beginning to open up, but every one managed to make it in and the event was a HUGE success.  Melisa Pearce and her staff did a superb job and the program ran smoothly and efficiently.

For me, introducing our new anthology, Touched Buy a Horse; Equine Coaching Stories, Edited by Melisa Pearce, was an incredible highlight. As assistant editor, I am fantastically proud of this book which includes stories and poetry by 21 different authors. The theme was to describe what equine gestalt coaching looks like, how it has affected us personally, and what our healing herds of horses are offering as our loyal partners in this venture. This book is going to make a BIG difference in helping people understand what we have to offer in the expanding genre of personal coaching! Trust me, you are going to want to read this book!

Our keynote speaker was Larry Freeborg, a pioneer in the development of equine-guided groups such as EGEA (Equine Guided Education Association) and EAHAE (European Association for Horse Assisted Education) and has followed the development of the Horse Assisted industry for the last decade. I was lucky enough to catch his talk every day; he is highly intelligent, thorough in his history of this fast growing business, and spoke on planning and business development topics for professional coaches that were important to everyone.

Other Speakers included: Kimberly Beer, professional photographer, graphic designer and Platinum Solution Provider for Constant Contact.  Melanie Mulhall, an award winning author, writing coach and served as primary editor on our new anthology. James Fitzpatrick III, CPA, had the dubious honor of speaking to us about financial planning first thing after lunch on Saturday. He rose to the occasion and gave a wonderful presentation. And on our final Sunday, Mark Guynn, of Guynn Training Center, gave a riding demonstration of Melisa’s three year old Gypsy Vanner horse, Rua Prionsa’s ("Pri") debut under saddle. It was a beautiful thing to watch!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

You can stop Dancing NOW ~ the Rains have Come !!

I attempt to sit here at my computer and work, but I, like many residences of front range counties in Colorado, am in a state of heightened alert. This morning I fed all of my critters, trying to find a decent place to drop hay as my north pasture has turned into two lakes, Lake Louise and Lake Annette.
Still in my muck boots and raingear, I decided to gas up my pick-up truck. After making an emergency run to Black Forest one evening to pick a hopeful nurse mare for an orphaned foal,  my truck was still on empty. Not much use if I were to need it quickly. Plugging in the electric to my horse trailer I notice that I don’t have head lights on the truck.  Humm, when did that happen?  Is it because of the rain?

Back at home I walked the perimeter of my little house and check my roof drains.  We have had approximately 5 to 6 inches of rain in the last two days and I need this water to move as far away from my foundation as possible. They are calling for four to six more inches of rain in the next two days.  Everything is looking good. When I came inside and pulled off my boots  I popped down to the basement to make sure it was still dry (it is) and to hit the “Rain Delay” button for my lawn sprinkler system.  Certainly not going to need that for a while.
I sat in silence for a minute and said a prayer for all of us. I imagined sunny days and how wonderful the next cutting of grass hay was going to be. I “see” my barn full of sweet smelling hay = green gold.

I am supposed to have lunch in Boulder with my old study group and our teacher who is in town from Namaste Retreat Center in Wisconsin. At this point in the early morning, I doubt if that is going to happen but I decide to take a quick shower and be ready for whatever happens next.  My radio beeps again … the National Weather Service alert is saying to stay away from Boulder ~ schools and businesses are closed, roads are flooding, at least one bridge has washed away, and they are evacuating residential areas around Boulder Creek. Well, at least my hair looks nice!!
I just came in from feeding a lunch snack. I pulled out a couple of flakes of good grass hay and careful put it in metal tubs that I had dumped the rain water out of.  It is disheartening to watch my horses reach in and flick it out with their noses where it will land on the mud and poo muck ~ they will probably not eat it now.  Really? I work hard to secure good feed for you guys and this is how you treat it? They look at me innocently and I wish that I could bring them all into my house and we could read books, sip tea and eat crackers and cheese.

They say, “Don’t worry about it, we are fine. It is all gonna be okay. “
I let their confidence seep into my bones and I know they are right.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hay in the barn

I accepted the work and preformed the assignment,
received my payment and deposited the check,
bought the hay and filled the barn,
all with a smile on my face, grateful for this lifestyle.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Expressions – Part 10 of 10

The Beasts Know It

If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know.
And if you know life is supposed to be fun,
you know more than almost anybody else knows.
And if you know that the way you feel is your indicator
of how connected you are to Source,
then you know that which only a handful of Deliberate Creators,
respective to the total population, really know.
The beasts all know it.
Your animals know that all is well.
Your animals live in the moment.
They understand the power of their now.
They expect the Universe to yield to them.
They don't worry or fret or conjure or make laws or rules or try to regulate.
They are Pure Positive Energy.
Your beasts vibrate more on the Energy scale of contentment than of passion.
Their desire was set forth from Nonphysical, and continues to be set forth by those,
like you, who want Energy balance, who want sustenance.
The difference between the beast and the human
is that the beast is more general in its intent.
The human is usually less blended, usually less allowing of the Energy to flow,
but is more specific.
And that is why the human is seen to be the Creator
while the beast is more the balancer of Energy.

 – Abraham,  Abraham-Hicks Publications, 

Dear Reader, thank you for allowing me to share my ever growing vision of how horses can heal us.  I am constantly in awe and grateful for being so blessed to have them in my life.                              And with grace, the journey continues.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Expressions – Part 9

How do we ever know healing works? 
You take a couple of aspirin for a really bad head ache. Time goes by and you suddenly realize that your head ache is gone and you feel better.  That is good medicine.
You walk into a round pen with a thousand pound animal. They gaze into your eyes, they do a body scan from top to bottom and place their forehead on your chest and breathe deeply, or offer to walk with you as you explore a new way of being, and when you walk out of the arena you feel better. That is good medicine. End of story; happy ending to the story actually!
According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “Empiricism is a theory of knowledge that asserts that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience.”  Empirical knowledge,  that which is gained from my own experience or those of my peers, has always meant more to me than any scientific paper or book leaning.  I suppose it is true, I only appreciate science when it finally realizes and acknowledges something that I “knew” was true all along. < I honor science but it is not my #1 guide to explaining my life exeperiences. >

I have not spent hours perusing the internet looking for factual data to back up my belief that horses have the ability to heal humans. But I know that I am not alone in this belief.  At this point in time Wikipedia does not have an offering for this topic.  However, if you search the internet for “healing with horses” you can find many, many websites and advertisements, so we humans know that it is happening. Science is not interested in us yet, but when it is, we will have the experiences and the stories to offer.
What is vitally important to me is I finally found a way that I can bring this knowledge to my fellow humans, walking beside my horse. Through equine gestalt coaching, I can partner with horses to holistically heal the many ills of the body/mind/spirit that we two-legged’s suffer with/from. My dear friend Patricia once said, “If every person on the earth was a healer, we would still have lots to do.” I am not totally sure what she meant, but I “know” it is true.
When I watch a horse stretch its neck forward in an extended yawn, I say “thank you.”  For there is a very good chance they have just extended their healing hoof to me and removed negative energy.  And I am appreciative.

Here is a picture of my two little donkeys who very much wanted to be a part of this report.                      
Just looking at them may make you feel better.          
We hope so!

Friday, July 26, 2013

BB Harding and I are offering a one day retreat at Dragonfly Farm in Platteville, Colorado. 
We have a fun filled day of playful exploration.
Come on out and join us!

Expressions – Part 8


On a warm summer's day I lost a dear friend named Ann.  In April, Ann had come out to my house for a wild foods class that I was teaching.  Unbeknownst to me, Ann was suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which eventually would claim her life.

Everyone had a great time with the plants, and our field trip, and we also spent some time with my healing herd of horses and donkeys.  My horse, Lakota, tuned in on Ann and spent many minutes licking her hand.  I had no idea what was going on, and could only hope that Ann was comfortable with Lakota’s attention.  I had to trust the process.  When Ann came out she had tears in her eyes and told me that she had received a wonderful healing from my horse and she was so thankful.  She wrote me a thank you note that brought tears to my eyes when I received it and I asked her if I could post it to my website. She agreed and it is there still.

There are no pictures of Lakota licking Ann’s hand. Everyone in class that day could tell you about it, but there are no pictures.  I had no idea of the significance of what I was witnessing.  The picture below was staged with the help of another dear friend of mine, Deb.

“What a wonderful day being with you and the circle of women!
Thank you so much for sharing Lakota with me. I will never forget her breathing and gentleness.                              I do believe she licked my hands to help heal them!! She knew I needed some help there.                                         I am so glad she let me hug her and pet her.
The sharing circle at the beginning was powerful. You are such a sensitive, loving, enthusiastic teacher. I always love field trips so visiting the variety of plants and picking and tasting them was pure fun.
Thank you for offering this special class. Any time I can learn more about wild plants and animals, I feel blessed. May you find sweet success, you deserve it.”
AT, Erie, CO

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Expressions – Part 7

David Hawkins, in his book,  Power vs Force, uses applied kinesiology to measure the vibratory rate of many different things, from emotions to food supplements, and beyond.  His research incorporates the unfolding scientific model of quantum physics, which shows us that everything we can see and touch is made of moving molecules.

He describes how humans vibrate, on a good day, at around 200. Horses however, on an average day vibrate at 500.  Just by being in their presence our personal vibration is raised to a higher level. We just “feel better."

Any person who has the opportunity to be with horses can tell you that it is true. And if we need proof, we can measure the phenomenon by using Mr. Hawkins methods of muscle testing. But do you really need to measure the wide smile on a woman’s face as she experiences the healing powers of horses first hand?


I’m Back !!!

WOW ~ is time flying by for you as well?

I intended to offer my paper, Expressions of Horses as Healers, one piece at a time; breaking it down into small segments.  I scheduled Parts 1 through 6, and my goal was to present the entire paper without interruption.

And then life happened.
And life has been "interesting."  I use that word a lot these days in place of difficult, overwhelming, hard or scary.  "Interesting" carries a different energy ~ and that appears to be the main lesson. As my friend BB said recently, "The energies of these times are proving to be intense, chaotic and uprooting as we move more fully into the Age of Aquarius."  I am learning how to handle the not so subtle energy fluctuations that are being beamed to earth at this time.  My teachers said they were coming and science now says that it is happening.  Some days are better than others.
So, now I wish to finish the series offering Parts 7 - 10 in, hopefully, short easy-to-read segments. This will allow me to move on, free of my self-imposed decision to offer the whole paper in its entirety before scurrying off in new and exciting directions.

I hope you find it interesting! 

Check out my new adventure and website,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Expressions - Part 6

CROWN CHAKRA.             As a kid I was taught to reprimand my horse if they passed their head over mine ~ it was considered a dominant gesture and must be discouraged. And if you think about it for a just a second it is easy to understand that our puny heads setting on top a spindly spinal column is no match for their massive boney head structure and muscular neck. Without intending to, a horse can do a lot of damage to a human head. I have heard stories from my friends that back this up.
But now I have witnessed the same scenario and I believe different things may be going on.

I watched my horse go to work on a middle aged man who was visiting here from out of state.            I was hosting a “meet-and-greet” at my farm and had thirteen participants there for the afternoon.  We were doing a group experience in silence where I allow the horses to roam, at liberty, and meet all of the participants. The fellow was seated in the round pen and she stood in front of him. Ignoring all the other participants, Lakota devoted herself to this gentleman. He had shared earlier that he had very little horse experience. I could see her face but the man’s back was to me. I watched her nuzzle his right shoulder and then skim the top of his head with her jaw as she moved to the left shoulder. I winced and prayed that she didn’t knock his head off ~ but nothing could be further from the truth. At times she lowered her forehead to his chest and held it there.  It sometimes appeared they were gazing into one another’s eyes, but I was not at a vantage point to be sure about this. I could not see his face and wondered briefly if I should intervene - but was guided to stand my ground. 

The man left the arena with tears in his eyes. In the group debriefing he said only that he was a recovering alcoholic and had been sober now for many years, but there was a lot of pain behind his eyes. I wanted so badly to know more and offer our help to this kindly looking fellow. He did come up to me when we had finished our demonstration and said simply, “She is an amazing horse. I had such an incredible experience” and then walked away. I cannot tell you what happened, but for that man, it was profound.
I have come to believe that Lakota specializes in the top four chakras.

I am not a scientist but I am a seeker of truth and an observer of the world around me. Lakota often “works”  by gently moving around my clients heads.  Yes, it makes me nervous but who am I to say what is more correct for an individual. She is far superior at reading their energy patterns.  She has always been my connection to a higher spiritual experience; I believe it is her calling.  She leaches negative energy from our bodies and then strengthens and opens our hearts, our throats, our brow chakra, and our spiritual connection to God, Allah, Mohammed, the Great Mystery ….. whatever ….  all that is.
                                                  Her eye is peaceful.     Her ear is sensitive.

                                           Her neck is strong.   Her jaw is awesome ….. and huge!!
                                            We are puny in comparison. Be gentle with us, dear one.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Expressions - Part 5


Many Eastern healing modalities work with the energy centers of the physical body.  A widely known view is the Chakra system, which was known in both Chinese and Indian philosophies. Chakras are the energy centers of the physical body. The primary seven are located on the mid-line of the body and align, in an ascending column, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They can be visualized as a double spinning spiral that opens both to the front of the body and along the backbone. In perfect health, these energy centers give and receive energy and are balanced one to another as well as front to back.

Acupuncture, Healing Touch and Reiki are only three examples of healing modalities that have become more mainstream, even in our Western healing practices, as we begin to have more understanding of the holistic approach of body/mind spirit. As a Reiki Master myself, I realize that most practitioners have an understanding of the chakra system and incorporate chakra balancing as part of their healing routine.

Melisa had a large black and white Gypsy Vanner horse named Fancy that joined her healing herd. She had feet the size of dinner plates but I have watched her time after time, gently walk around a client and balance their chakra’s front and back, and never once stepped on a human foot. She was Melissa’s “go to” chakra balancer. She often gently backed up till she was touching the person with her enormous rump, to balance their root chakra.

Yes, they can balance ours even as we balance theirs. I have watched many horses do a quick body scan from toe to head before they go to work, walking around “their client”, standing for a few minutes with their forehead at a person’s abdomen, 3rd chakra = solar plexus, and then move to the persons back and present their heart chakra to the back of that person.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Expressions - Part 4

Another clear visual of what leaching looks like.

This woman has had very little experience with horses and found Lakota “quite large and pretty scary”. She wanted to be with the horse but her every movement was tentative. She is wearing a nervous grin. She got to the point where she was more comfortable with Lakota reaching out, stretching really, to touch her on the collarbone and shoulder.
The woman professed to carrying a lot of tension in her neck and shoulders. She was also very much “in her head” even as I attempted to bring her more into her body.

I asked the woman to walk around the pen and I attempted to get her more into her body. She was a very good story teller however, and more comfortable with her words than with her body.

Lakota was not impressed with her story.  She moved to the side and began to leach energy.
Almost immediately, the woman’s stride lengthened, her pelvis gained more fluidity, and her shoulders dropped to a more natural position.
My assistant and I made eye contact as we watched the woman’s physical demeanor change even as she walked/talked on. 
She had no idea of the changes taking place until we brought it to her attention.
She was finally silent, with wonder and awe.  She "felt" her body.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Expressions - Part 3


Horses healing humans is something that makes sense to me.  But I watched with growing unease as my sweet horse stood in the round pen with a woman who was working through her problems. Lakota stood beside her, neck stretched out, her head hanging low.  It started as a yawn but it went on and on and on. She looked to me as if she were trying to throw up which I knew was impossible for a horse. Was she choking on arena dust?  Her eyes would close and she would pull her lips back to expose her teeth and gums.  Her torso heaved.  I was worried for her. I wanted it to be over. I looked at Melisa and she did not seem at all upset with what was happening. It was all I could do to sit there and trust the process. What the heck was going on?  As the session with the women came to an end Melisa asked her how she was feeling. With a happy grin on her face she replied, “I feel incredible, like I just lost a hundred pounds.”

“I am not surprised,” Melisa said. “This dear horse has been leaching negative energy off you for the past ten minutes.  You are definitely lighter!”

Hands shot in the air. All of us wanted to know what we had just experienced. Melisa explained to us that horses have the ability to leach, or remove, negative energy from the human body. The horse DOES NOT hold on to that energy in their body, however.  They allow it to pass through them. My previous training has shown me how energy can travel down our energy meridians into the earth. Mother Earth is not concerned whether we think energy is “positive” or “negative”. Energy is energy, and she can use it to do all of the marvelous things that she does. But the important thing for me was, Lakota did not hold onto any  “bad stuff”  that she released from the woman, who was now beaming, having thoroughly enjoyed her session with my miracle healing horse.

Well, by Sunday afternoon, Lakota had graduated from Equine Gestalt Coaching Method  while I had many more months to go . GEEZ !  My horse is a rock star of healing!!!!

Since August 2009, I have watched horses work on and heal humans. They are natural holistic healers. As “prey” animals, they have survived through the centuries by creating a unique form of communication, known as Equus. Learning to read and interpret the “energy” of each other, of their habitat, and the other creatures that coexist in their natural surroundings was vital to their survival.  What I am learning is they have the ability to “read” my energy even as I approach the corral.  By the time I open and walk through the gate, my horse knows what my energy level is and what baggage, if any, I carrying with me.

This is what leaching looks like.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Expressions - Part 2

I took pictures of my horse, Lakota, as she grazed in my back yard and I told her “I am going to take these to Melisa’s tonight.  Let me know what you think about this work.”
Several hours later I dropped my photos into the wicker basket with many other pictures. It was an Equi-Spiritual event at Melisa Pearce’s barn, home to Touched by a Horse. Later in the evening, Melisa ruffled through the pictures, looking and listening to the voices of the sentient beings captured with film. She held up Lakota’s picture and she said, “I don’t know who belongs to this horse but she just told me, “She is willing to do this work. She can do this work. She is ready to go to work.”
I sat back in my chair with tears in my eyes. My question had been answered. WOW!!
This path has had many trail markers along the way.  I cannot remember not loving horses. I have been told for years that I could work with horses if I wanted to but I  had no idea what it looked like. Every reading I received for several years, from many different persons, said a version of the same thing. I remember distinctly, a woman telling me that there were five animals that agreed to assist the human population to become better citizens of the earth.  They were elephants, horses, dogs, dolphins and macaw parrots.  The more I thought about it I realized that they have a vested interest in us getting it right. If not, we are the only species that has the potential to destroy all that we hold dear.  Plus, at least one of these animals can be found on every continent, or in the vast waters surrounding our fragile land masses or flying freely above us.
And several years before that, as one of my teachers and I had just finished giving Lakota an etheric clearing session, she looked at me and said, “This is a healer horse”. I had no idea what she meant and really no idea of the journey that this magnificent being and I would undertake.  I was just beginning to see this beautiful creature in a whole new way.

A few months after Lakota first answered my question, I trailered my sweet horse to Melisa’s for a weekend.  Just two girls going to class together.  I was a student in Melisa’s Equine Gestalt Coaching Method eighteen month program. On the way over I told Lakota that I would not put any pressure on her. I loved her for just who she was and if she wanted to do this work she could, and if she didn’t, I would still be her best friend.  There was no way I could have predicted what would happen to us next.


By Annette Price  /  September 17, 2012                                                  
Prepared as a Course Project in Horse Psychology

Reach Out to Horses’ Holistic Horsemanship                                            

Comprehensive Training Course                                                                                 

with Anna Twinney 

at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, Littleton, CO