Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Memory

Food, food, and more food.
Family, family, and more family.
A Memory.  Going to my brother’s house for Thanking dinner and admiring the beautiful fall arrangement of tiny pumpkins, pine cones and green boughs that ran down the center of their long dining room table … only to find out that my brother had put it all together.  It was stunning and creative and a joy to look at.  It is still fun to remember it. I had never known that creative part of my brother.  He was 12 or 13 when I left for college and I never paid attention to how creative he was.
The revelation continued when I leaned that he had done a lot of the cooking. He made their home made egg noodles every year; noodles are a Price family tradition.      I think we discussed his favorite method of cooking the large turkey necessary to feed our horde.   And he loves to cook, I never knew that.  Maybe he grew into it after I left !?!
Long ago memory. I can see him, when our babies were little, at the bar-b-que grill, grinning and grilling. But then lots of men learn the ins-and-outs of outdoor grilling and many never go any further.
Gary is amazingly talented.  For the holidays, he also makes creative sculptures out of giant hay bales that reel in local newspapers in the Kansas City area. Everyone wants to see what he has put together this year.  It is just 'for fun' for him and his buddies.   I “oohed and awed”  as I looked through a picture album of his different hay bale creations.
Holidays are brighter with my brother in them.
And my mother, and my sister, Marcia and my brother Ed.
We are blessed and I give thanks.