Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wild Thing

When I was young, frivolous and all of 115 pounds,
all it took was skin tight jeans and a shimmery little top.
I could walk to the party, certain that the “wild thing” that lived
inside of me would emerge and bring out her two side kicks,
mischief and excitement.
Enhanced by the boundary fading effects of cold beer,
shots of tequila and a good joint,
it was easy to be fiercely impetuous.
I loved it and was loved for it.

It would behoove me right now to sit again
with the purest aspect of that wanton young spirit,
for I fear she may disappear …. and I need her.

Gently sifting the ground meal of forty years of experience,
folding the “pure wild” of her into my mixing bowl,
leavened with spoonfuls of lovingly harvested sweet wisdom,
flavored with aromatic herbs of passion,
a gently whisked (well beaten?) fertile egg of fresh ideas to give loft to this mix,
and enough drops of earth mother’s finest spring water to shape it.
Ah yes, this I would bake to honor the wild young goddess.

She lives inside of me still, sometimes springing out
in what feels like inappropriate moments.
But I am leery of any desire to harness her.
She guides me towards “texture” when I shop the thrift stores,
and color when I roam the produce department ~
not satisfied with the mundane and ordinary.
She is not afraid of an empty bank account
for her untamed vision peers deeper and farther
with a keen knowingness that comes from feral memories.
On the horizon a new day hovers
wooed back to life by the wild mustang’s nicker.

Her eye shines bright.
Her loyalty knows no boundaries
Her senses open to the undulating vibrations of the universe,
ready for new information.
A joyful expression of all that is wild.
I will cook weeds for her ~ dandelions and stinging nettles.
To preserve the wild.
I love her.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Heart’s Knowing

our prompt was to  write about what we know in our heart to be true ..... and these were my thoughts.....)

Every day I get up and try to be the best human being I can be.  When I fall down on this mission, I pull myself up, dust off the debris, and start again.  Sometimes it is hard to look morning in the face.  Other days I am so full of love and joy that I almost ache.

I know that unconditional love is a reality, but it is a challenge as well.  To hold your heart open to someone, illuminating them with all the love light that you can generate, even as they do or say hurtful things, is so hard.  I know that my grandma and grandpa loved me unconditionally, all of the time.  I have often wondered if my son would say the same.  I know that I have come closer to pouring out unconditional love to him than to any other human on the planet.  At least for the longest amount of time, over twenty four years of loving that boy.  This past week-end he called from his home in Florida and left me the sweetest message.  He said that he saw a shooting star in the night sky and thought of me.  I still have his message saved on my phone so that I can listen to it one more time.

I know in my heart that dirt is good. I love putzing with plants and playing in their dirt.  I love gardening and plan on starting a very small garden this year ~ pole beans on tipis, butternut squash, tomatoes, and some greens ~ especially arugula.  Very small, manageable, could be added onto in the future, but reasonable for this first year.  In the old days I used to flippantly describe certain people as  “Dumb as dirt”.  I no longer say that….it is unfair and I am embarrassed by that.  I love dirt too much.

I know in my heart that I love horses.  Going out and feeding my horse, even going out to scoop poop, makes me feel better.  I love the way horses smell.  There is a freshness, a sweetness about them that only those who have smelled it know about. Although I love setting by the window and watching the horses play ~ I love that horses get me outdoors.  I tell Lakota many things.  I went out last January and the wind had whipped her mane into a tangled mess ~ a series of gnarly dreadlocks that stormy fingers had woven into an ugly mat.  I looked at it and started crying.  I thought about going inside and getting the scissors and just cutting it out.  It was too much and it looked impossible.  I had no tolerance.  I had just hung up the phone from talking with my mom.  They found more cancer in my Dad.  So here I stood in the cold sunshine beside my beautiful horse.  I set down her comb and started at the bottom ~ with my fingers I began to unwind the clumpy mess.  Sobbing, sometimes barely able to see what I was doing, I felt my way through it.  By the time I had finished I had stopped crying.  I was proud of myself for saving her gorgeous mane.  I marveled at her patience, for standing there and being with me in my grief.  She is such an amazing animal, my sister, my witness and my friend.

I know that I have far to go in realizing my full potential as a spiritual being living in this human form on this material plane.  I keep hearing the words from my last astrology reading, “Do you trust that what you need will come?  Do you trust that?”  And my heart soars and I yell out “YES, yes…I trust that what I need will come!” 

Every cell in my body chooses Love; love for my family, love for horses and dirt, the flowers and weeds that I’ve met this lifetime (you know who you are) and cherry tomatoes warmed by the sun.
In my heart, I trust Love. 

                   reprinted from "A Week's Worth of Women", Edited by Jyoti Wind, 2008

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who We Are

On the Wings of a Horse   is the result of my years of practical study, coupled with a strong desire to make a difference in my world, and my passion for the strength and beauty of my horse buddies. 

Finding and enrolling in Melisa Pearce’s program, Equine Gestalt Coaching Method TM, has been a dream come true and a life changing event for me.  I have likened this program to a basket that holds all of the life long learning and adventures that I have experienced. Plus it has taught me Gestalt theory and coaching methods which have added more direction and focus to my healing practices.

And how do horses fit into this scenario?  Horses have an amazing ability to read the energy of everything that comes their way. It was absolutely necessary to their thousands of years of survival to become the magnificent creatures that we love today. For large as they may be, they are prey animals; creatures that are hunted by predators. We, as human beings, have hunted and enslaved horses for much of our history together.

My horse, Lakota, has been teaching me a new way of interacting with her that has quietly woven into other arenas of my life, and enriched my personal journey on earth in ways that I never dreamed were possible. She is an amazing teacher.  I will be forever in her debt.

** It is our belief that horses have the ability, as well as the desire, to help us heal our wounded souls through their wisdom and their loving hearts.
** It is our desire to introduce you to the horse as we view them, as the wisdom carrying sentient beings that they truly are.
** It is our goal to help those of the human persuasion, to open their hearts to the healing powers of the horse and experience another way of walking on this earth.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

Welcome To Our Blog

Thank you for joining me at the beginning of a new adventure, the birthing of a new business and the realization of a dream come true.  Watch for our weekly posts beginning today, February 22, 2011.

Let the new chapter begin with a little about our dream......