Monday, February 4, 2013

Expressions - Part 6

CROWN CHAKRA.             As a kid I was taught to reprimand my horse if they passed their head over mine ~ it was considered a dominant gesture and must be discouraged. And if you think about it for a just a second it is easy to understand that our puny heads setting on top a spindly spinal column is no match for their massive boney head structure and muscular neck. Without intending to, a horse can do a lot of damage to a human head. I have heard stories from my friends that back this up.
But now I have witnessed the same scenario and I believe different things may be going on.

I watched my horse go to work on a middle aged man who was visiting here from out of state.            I was hosting a “meet-and-greet” at my farm and had thirteen participants there for the afternoon.  We were doing a group experience in silence where I allow the horses to roam, at liberty, and meet all of the participants. The fellow was seated in the round pen and she stood in front of him. Ignoring all the other participants, Lakota devoted herself to this gentleman. He had shared earlier that he had very little horse experience. I could see her face but the man’s back was to me. I watched her nuzzle his right shoulder and then skim the top of his head with her jaw as she moved to the left shoulder. I winced and prayed that she didn’t knock his head off ~ but nothing could be further from the truth. At times she lowered her forehead to his chest and held it there.  It sometimes appeared they were gazing into one another’s eyes, but I was not at a vantage point to be sure about this. I could not see his face and wondered briefly if I should intervene - but was guided to stand my ground. 

The man left the arena with tears in his eyes. In the group debriefing he said only that he was a recovering alcoholic and had been sober now for many years, but there was a lot of pain behind his eyes. I wanted so badly to know more and offer our help to this kindly looking fellow. He did come up to me when we had finished our demonstration and said simply, “She is an amazing horse. I had such an incredible experience” and then walked away. I cannot tell you what happened, but for that man, it was profound.
I have come to believe that Lakota specializes in the top four chakras.

I am not a scientist but I am a seeker of truth and an observer of the world around me. Lakota often “works”  by gently moving around my clients heads.  Yes, it makes me nervous but who am I to say what is more correct for an individual. She is far superior at reading their energy patterns.  She has always been my connection to a higher spiritual experience; I believe it is her calling.  She leaches negative energy from our bodies and then strengthens and opens our hearts, our throats, our brow chakra, and our spiritual connection to God, Allah, Mohammed, the Great Mystery ….. whatever ….  all that is.
                                                  Her eye is peaceful.     Her ear is sensitive.

                                           Her neck is strong.   Her jaw is awesome ….. and huge!!
                                            We are puny in comparison. Be gentle with us, dear one.