Wednesday, August 22, 2012


(( assignment:   tell us something about yourself in third person ))

She found that facing her 60th birthday was more of a challenge than she had anticipated:
                at 20 – she didn’t know it yet but in a few short months she would drop out of university and follow her heart to Colorado,
                at 30 – she had just given birth to her son, one of the greatest gifts she would ever receive,

                at 40 – she had married Bob three days before and on her birthday she lay naked on a private beach in Big Sur, drinking champagne – her one and only nude beach experience,

                50 – had found her in a Kansas City hospital’s ICU praying for her father who had been recessitated seven times after dying on Highway 71 near Harrisonville, Missouri,
                now 60 – what would it bring?  What’s it all about <Alfie>?  What will change?  She had been playing with a new hair-do and had found a most-perfect bobby pin to hold her long hair up off her neck.  For several years she had considered getting a really, really short haircut when she was older;  was it time?
What she was ready for was a relationship. She was really, really ready and had been putting in requests with the angels of amore. This was her first decade birthday without a man by her side.    Twenty = Colorado Jessie.    Thirty = Steve, 1st husband.    Forty  = Bob,  husband #2.    Fifty = Victor, ah, sweet Victor,   and now Sixty  = zilch, da nada, no testosterone in her life, her bed empty.  Would having a man in her life have made the whole idea more palatable?  Quite frankly, probably it would have, especially a “new” romance.  Ah well ……
She drove to Liquor Mart to buy two bottles of champagne for her birthday garden party. It goes so well with pineapple upside down cake = sweet pleasures.  Thank the goddess, some things will never change. 

Decade Deva’s live on !!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fried Oatmeal

I ate fried oatmeal for breakfast this morning.  I didn’t aim to but that is what happens when my  mind thought about turning off the stove and my body didn’t follow through.  (And it is partly because I have a gosh darn electric range/oven instead of a good old gas range.  Flames hold my attention, warm red circles covered by a pot, do not.  However I have written about this before and don’t want to belabor the point or bore you or myself … moving on …)

Fried oatmeal is a symbol of having so many things to do that I can hardly relax enough to do only one thing at a time. Some things get overlooked, forgotten, or tucked far away “for future consideration”  and my all-time favorite category:  “to-be-thought-about-later-when-I-have-more-time”.  HA!

I feel better when I have (1) one load of laundry in the washing machine, (2) one load of clean clothes in the dryer, (3) meatloaf, potatoes and apples baking in the oven … while  (4) I set at my computer and pound out another appraisal report.  Now that is how to “get ‘er done”!!

Better …. or more productive?

The paradox is how much more efficient I am when I am busy. Or is that an illusion?  I think I am.

Therefore I am ?