Thursday, November 21, 2013


My world is totally f***ing bi-polar right now.                                                                                       I am hanging on to the bell at the bottom of my pendulum, swinging wildly from one extreme to another, back and forth, back and forth, never still, never totally comfortable.
Sometimes I can throw my head back and enjoy the air rushing through, messing up my hair, and laugh at the absurdity of it all,
Other times I cling tightly to the cold metal, eye lids pinched tightly, hanging on for dear (?) life.
The trick, I am reminded, is to seek inner balance. To "not be jolted by such impermanence."
I have tricks. Skills ??
"Step outdoors,”  I remind myself,
“seek the ragged edges of my mountain landscape, 
breathe deeply the sweet essence of a horse.”
Her sweet bulk soothes my nerves.  
Her steady heartbeat quiets mine.     
The kindness in her eye restores my faith.
Ragged might be beautiful.


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